Piece Comment

Entertaining strawberries!

“Produce Local Produce” is a piece which lays out the issues of both what local produce means and why it is so important. The hosts Molly and Keano have amazing banter that makes you feel as though you are part of their own miniature party. The beginning instantly grabs you with its fascinating mix of chewing, slurping talking and laughing. While you can’t actually taste the lush strawberries that the crew is snacking on, after listening you really want to. This is an entertaining method of bringing up the topic of local produce. The crew turns to local experts at PCC, a Seattle based organic and local supermarket, and Seattle Tilth, teachers of organic gardening. Both of these portions are informative but seem to lack a bit of direction. It also would have been nice to know exactly what source the banana and gasoline statement came from since the information was so astounding…that it made it rather unbelievable. Overall however, the lively nature of the piece made it incredibly entertaining. The hosts, Molly and Keano carried the show, making it a must listen.