Piece Comment

The Beauty of Tap Water

How people value water and how they SHOULD value water are both investigated throughout the piece, Just Add Water. The story of Arizona water flows from how locals perceive their water to how they actually get water and these are all tied up with how ordinary people can conserve water. This lesson in water management is informative without being overbearing. Stations could use this piece in environmental shows or shows on water and land use. The beginning Q and A could have been significantly cut down to keep the pace moving, but if you can get past this the rest of the story is filled to the brim with information. The voice of the piece is lyrical and often witty. The story inexorably draws you in, each narrator lends a bit of color to the story, building from the foundation of the last. The use of sound effects are exquisite, especially during the journey of water to Tucson. Who knew that something so thoroughly unromantic as tap water could be that poetic and inspiring? Though I was sitting at home, the descriptions of the Arizona landscape made me feel as though it was me and not the sand that was baking in the Arizona sun. I felt the immediate urge to take a cold shower, but then realized that that would be a waste of water. Regardless of the guilt which you might have taking a shower afterward, this piece is a must listen.