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YEEB review of Austin's Youth Activism

I really love the idea behind this piece: I think spotlighting what youth activists are doing, especially when it comes to environmental issues*, is really important. Unequal water distribution, plastic bag consumption, and working with farmworkers are all really cool, interesting, and underexposed environmental issues. I always love hearing the stories of people working at the grassroots level. I think you guys definitely had the content, but these kinds of stories really call for natural sound. I'd love to hear Josh playing tennis, or hear what a meeting of the angsty teen eco warriors sounds like. I know this requires a lot more work and planning and effort, but using audio beyond interviews is one of the best ways to get people to remember and take meaning from your piece. So in conclusion, you guys have a lot of really good content, and a lot to be proud of, but need some natural sound to take these kinds of pieces to the next level.

It also may have been good to have one person do the introduction and transitions between each activist, because it gets a little hard to tell who's talking and what's going on.

*Even though I'm writing this review as the as part of the editorial environmental board, I also wanted to note that spotlighting queer youth activist groups is also awesome.