Piece Comment

Review of “Protesting the School of the Americas”

The School of the Americas, which I had never heard about, was the subject of this rather informational feature piece. Gretel Carlson did a great job gathering interesting interviews and the description of the protest was very vivid. Why only two stars then? Well, although Gretel’s interviewees were interesting, it was a little difficult to keep track of them all. The piece also was rather long, and it didn’t hold my attention very well. A shorter piece might have kept it more interesting. My most nagging complaint however, was the music. It was obtrusive and kept me from being able to listen to the piece clearly. I had to keep a window of the transcript open just so I could understand what was being said as the music interrupted. In the end, it was a good topic, hampered by only a few fatal flaws.
Adjectives: informational, emotional