Piece Comment

Over the top in the best of ways

Bicycle lanes that promote sociality and a local music store's business, a 28-year-old half-Vietnamese-, half-Nicaraguan- American mayor who uses words like "metaphor" while cutting the ribbon on a new bridge, an elementary school that gets empowered while learning how to recycle. "Q: How are they doing on standardized tests? A: They do ok, but the important thing is they're learning to think." My goodness, enough already! I can't take it anymore. My progressive index is off the register. And I'm smiling the entire time.

I listened to this while walking to work in my own city, rolling my eyes fondly at yet another progressive fantasy brought to life by Zak's inspired storytelling. The piece's production style creates a sense of place as much as the content does. In a way it reminded me of the film Russian Ark, the way it moved from 'room' to 'room'. Or maybe now I'm going over the top, too.

Love the music you use, too (e.g. Tin Hat Trio).

The only challenge for the listener is knowing just when we're in fantasy mode, and just when the narrators have stepped out of it for a minute. But I will be generous and say it could be deliberately in support of the dream/reality blur that makes this so fun.

At the dawn of a new federal government that might actually generate *real* good news from time to time, this piece has a very relevant place on everyone's air.