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Review of “BART Slaying Gives Oakland Rocky Start in '09”

The violent death of young African-American men in our cities is a grave problem. Donny Lumpkins’ report, however, puts a name and a face one the issue. In this case that name is Oscar Grant. The 22 year old was shot and killed by Oakland BART police officers on New Years Day. Mourning the death of Grant, corruption in the police department, and racism in general, Lumpkins’ interviewees put you in a place, providing vivid descriptions of what transpired on Jan. 1. The excellent production by Lumpkins, Malcolm Marshall, Paul Billingsley, and Josue Rojas made the piece seamless, even with overlapping sounds. The raw anger of the citizens of Oakland has been polished into a phenomenal piece that should be heard across the nation. Youth Outlook should be proud.
Adjectives: Sad, emotional, serious