Piece Comment

Your mind works a little harder...

... and I don't like it that way, but that's just me. This is a fun, succinct piece about a small revolution happening in one of music's most fabled towns. Will Noise catch on -- beyond the 21 year old fan who gushes about its possibilities? We may never know. Hovering somewhere between sound sculpture, performance art, and the gothic sensibilities of bands like Ministry and KFMDM, Noise seems destined to find a small but dedicated niche of listeners who like their pop music straight-up. No lovely lady lumps here.

On the whole, a thoughtful and informative glimpse into a questionable trend. It may not be new (avant-garde music's been around for a while) but as a contrast to the mindless, brainless pop that's dominating the airwaves, it's a welcome primal scream.