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Review of Molecular Gastronomy

I really like the premise of the series... chemistry in everyday life. This episode was very good. Informative in an accessible way about things we all encounter: Pepto Bismol, hardboiled eggs, and chocolate mousse. While the first two were good, they were straightforward essays. The chocolate mousse segment was great. It was a kitchen show without the visuals, and it was very well produced. The two hosts worked well with each other, asking the right questions and making sure accelerating the passage of time (e.g. 5 minutes to whisk the mixture0 didn't disorient. The ambiance was fantastic. I particularly loved the sound of water being poured onto chocolate. And now I know that chocolate mousse doesn't need eggs and cream to taste like chocolate mousse. Though I admit I'd still have to try it for myself to believe it.

I'm going to check out more pieces in this series..