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Review of Hi Plains Basketball

This is one of those stories that makes you wonder about the so-called flyover states, wonder about the people there, what they do and why they do it. That's a good thing, in my book -- especially when the subject is as innocent and playful as that in Zachary Barr's piece on High Plains High School's determination to win the state basketball title. My God, only forty-three students in grades 9-12? There were 1,000 kids in my high school (in the Northeast), and that was considered small. And only a few well-wshers turned out to support our team -- here, the entire community shows up.

This is a quick, short piece that shines a spotlight on a tiny, out of the way place. Attention should be paid to such places, and to such pieces. I won't spoil the fun by giving away the outcome, but I will say this: when one proud father congratulates his son towards the end of the piece, it's impossible not to be moved.