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Review of Dish: Dynamics of the duo.

Okay, I want to see this band NOW. That's the strength of Katie Ball's piece. There's something honest, raw, and hearteningly real about band member Roberto Aguilar's assessment of his strengths, and those of his bandmate, his brother Nathaniel. It's refreshing to hear a profile of a band that isn't chockablock with glittering adjectives -- Ball gets those out of the way up front, then basically lets us do the appraising. Fortunately, the piece has such great sound, I instantly pictured them banging away on their buckets.

After listening, I sought out Dish on Google, and found only their MySpace Music page. It was frustratingly spare. How does one find this band on the interweb?

Last note: Katie has a radio voice TO DIE FOR. Watch out, Starlee Kine!