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Review of It's Not About That

Wow. I've rarely seen identity, particularly sexuality identity, taken on with such fearlessness and curiosity. Zoe uses her own experience as a teenager whose androgyny is a constant topic of conversation to explore what it means to be outside of a well-defined group. For Zoe, neither the queer community nor the straight accepts her for what she is - not falling into categories. "I don't get it when people's entire lifestyles are based off this one detail," she says.

But Zoe's question goes further - she explores the limits of a community based on gender and sexuality. Moreover, she looks at that complicated linchpin of community: it protects, but it also excludes. She knows first hand what this feels like.

The sound, pacing and narration are excellent here. "Ready? Okay" We're swept into the interview. These elements carry the story and compel the listener to stick with Zoe throughout.

This piece would be a great match for any shows that are exploring gender, identity or the complex dynamics of community.

A great story! I hope we hear lots more from Zoe. She brings an honesty and freshness to production, and a candid exploration of what it means to be "trapped in the middle."