Piece Comment

Review of The Link: Education & Incarceration

This piece was well done and the title is what initially caught my eye. It can be difficult to deliver a serious message in audio form, keeping a listener engaged all the while trying to deliver important information they will remember. I feel its important to think and hear about these issues and if a piece is well done it greatly benefits the media landscape. So, after listening to this, I'm pleased to say, I thought it was well done!

It is obvious that a good amount of time went into the research and writing of the piece. I felt that my questions were being answered as it moved along. The interweaving of narrative and interviews was a good tactic to keep me focused however, after a while it began to seem just a little choppy. Perhaps the narrative segments could've been a bit longer. The sentence or two served as a good segue but I think some more could have worked. Or another option would be to vary between short and long narratives.

I think the sound quality was great. The levels seemed to stay at an even keel and the background music worked well. Also, the natural/ambient sounds of a gym and/or basketball game was also nicely done.

Great Job!