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Review of Does Love Make You Crazy

LOVE! A feeling and a place we all experience. The Music and lead-in to this piece is an attention grabber that immediately shows we all can relate. DOES love make us crazy? The answers to this question come from voices that span generational as well as personal views. This allows different perspectives to come forth. And from these replies a mixture of humor and contemplation is displayed. After listening to the entirety of the piece, I felt that the overall theme was more about WHAT love is rather than the side effect of ?feeling crazy?. The latter half had beautiful words of wisdom, which I feel took main stage and gave this piece the definition of WHAT love is. Yet, may have been a bit too long coming from one voice. I think it could either be divided into 2 segments or slimmed down to a shorter version once the focus is tweaked to be a bit more clear. Overall, a lovely look at a common theme.