Piece Comment

Review of The (de)Evolution of the Political Speech

Engaging and to-the-point, this presents a quick overview of an important issue that seems to be plaguing politics today. The narration is smart and inquisitive, raising some interesting points, and the interviews include some thought-provoking sound bytes.

This presents a very short look into what seems to be such a complex issue; after listening, I'm frustrated not to know more. There is so much that could have been developed further (how our society's concept of news has changed over time, the role we expect politicians to play in everyday life, why the media has reduced political coverage to <10 second sound-bytes, the increasingly negative nature of political campaigning, etc.), and now I'm curious to learn more.

But isn't that the point--to make the listener want to know more? Maybe. I suppose it depends on the context in which you hear this piece. As a short news analysis feature, this piece is fine, if agonizingly brief. As an hour-long in-depth exploration, it could be fantastic.