Piece Comment

Review of Aphasia

In an attempt to explore Aphasia, the piece ended up being over produced to sound clever. Okay, I understand that that may have been the point all along, to make the listener get the feeling of Aphasia but, honestly, a listener would rather not be inundated with sonic experimentation.
I found the second voice echoing lines throughout the play very distracting and it did nothing to enhance the experience. Yes, I started to get into the piece at the beginning and wanted to learn more about 'Aphasia' but by the fourth time I heard that line " I did it because I..." I gave up.
Here's what I mean. You're at the movies watching a group of travelers stuck in the desert in 110 degree temperature with no water. You're rooting for the characters on screen and eagerly await their arrival at a lake for a sip of water...until the air conditioner in the theater breaks, it starts to feel hot, and your comfort is compromised.