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Review of Reverse Culture Shock

Ethan Todras-Whitehill was able to, in a few short minutes, convey what it feels to be a New Yorker going to a foreign country and coming back to New York as a New Yorker who went to a foregin country and came back to New York.

Now, unless you're a resident of New York City yourself, and provided you love living here for what it offers, good or bad, local or foreign, English or no English, the above statement will, perhaps, make no sense. So why should I expect you, the person reading this in Montana, to listen to Todras-Whitehill be a New Yorker? Good question. But I'm pretty sure you won't ask that question once you listen to the piece, because it's not just about having reverse culture shock as a New Yorker. It's about accepting to keep the words 'culture' and 'shock' away from each other.