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Review of Mind Control: Neural Rhythms and the Beat of the Brain

We all fall into a rhythmic pattern in this world. Some of us are more attuned to our own rhythms (the animals, the insects), and some of us seem to get accustomed to rhythmic behaviors set up for us (the humans).

Neurofeedback, the subject of this piece, is not a concept. It's a scientific method that proves to us, humans, that you are in charge, largely, of your bio-rhythm. But we humans need to see it on a monitor first to believe our own powers. Dr. Sheldon Levin, thankfully, thought of it too.

The piece tells us two things. One, there is hope for people with head injuries or people needing therapy due to other illnesses, thanks to Dr. Levin's technique. And two...no one can stop the blue rocket from winning if it has your attention.