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Review of Four Seconds: Suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge

This is a beautifully written piece that captures all the questions and confusion and sadness that people feel after someone commits suicide. It's made even more powerful by the little bits of tape that Jake has left over from his friend Phil - the phone message and the little clip of him talking about what he thinks life is. I lost a friend to suicide, too, and could completely relate to Jake's quest to figure things out, to go and interview someone who had also jumped off the bridge - to try to get into his friend Phil's mind. I think this piece is timeless and is of value to lots of people - suicide is always mysterious - and usually it's not talked about. So I would encourage stations to air this piece just to get people talking and to get suicide "out of the closet."

And Jake's delivery struck me as perfect. He sounds sad but not morose, and he does throw humor in there - like when he mimics the cop, Ron, on the bridge. Nice job.