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Review of The Peace Corps at 45 (Peace Talks Radio Series) [59:00/54:00/29:00]

Thoughtful and engaging topic!

This program is in the talk show format and gathers a group of Peace Corp volunteers in a studio to talk about their experience. At times the questions are very engaging, for example, "how does the Peace Corp promote peace?" Thankfully the panelists are intelligent and add something to a clever idea for a show.

At other times this program can be inspiring. Historical commercials were included in the program to texture and segway out of the breaks. Also just listening to these folks talk makes you want to do good.

Journalistically, the show could benefit from alternative points of view. Clearly, it's difficult to say bad things about the Peace Corps, however, at times the discussion seemed to exist in a vacuum where alternatives to the Peace Corps were excluded. Those moments were rare.