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Review of My Lobotomy

How can something so disturbing be so beautiful? This is an old story: a man?s search for self. But the context is thoroughly modern. He is ?disabled? by a lobotomy. But this procedure committed upon him at the age of twelve perversely provides a driving force to his quest, and in the process this shadow over his life became a vehicle for his reconciliation with self. One cannot help but feel joy for him, inspired by but also slightly jealous of his success ? and the clarity of this shadow over his life ? a clarity commonly (and perversely) missing from many of us ?abled? persons.

I am disturbed that anyone could forcibly submit a twelve year-old boy to a medical procedure so uncertain in its specific consequence yet so certain in its permanence. The sad thing is that it ended not because of its results or because of the moral implication of its application to vulnerable persons but because psychotic drugs obsoleted the procedure.

It should also be noted that the production quality is very good. The opening tapestry of voices is very well done and would pull listeners in.

Somehow it reminds me of Dicken?s ?Christmas Story? because it gave me the gift of reflection and gratitude of life?s blessings. Perhaps it will do the same for other listeners. I hope they get a chance to hear it.