Piece Comment

Review of Boredom

Boredom talks about an ordinary summer day gone to the dogs by a simple mistake, brought on by, you guessed it-- boredom. Callie Dean, the narrator, tells the listener her lament about her previous summer experiences. She talks about how her boredom leads to her drawing on a bus shelter with an Expo-marker and the result of being arrested by the cops. This radio piece is also a little look into police and the way they enforce the law. Callie is so funny I laughed out loud at some points while listening. It is great that she looks back on this very serious incident and makes fun of it. The listener is left with both a lesson on how to combat tediousness, and a way to correct yourself learning from Callie’s mistakes. This piece has everything, an interesting story with a real plot, great music and sound effects, a main character you really care about, and a moral.