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Review of The Lord God Bird

Hands down some of the best radio I have heard in the past year. A chorus of wonderful American voices blend with a haunting song to paint a vivid picture of a forgotten bird and a forgotten town.

I've always liked Sufjan's music but this song makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...its just chilling. It perfectly compliments the acts which tell a kind of ghost story about a "woodpecker on steroids", a "pterodactyl" that people have caught glimpses of here and there....while fishing, walking through the woods.

I appreciate the attitude the residents of Brinkley bring to this feature-- joy, humor, history...capitalist zeal! It all just comes together in a way that I can completely imagine what the town looks like..."its flat, you can see forever", the main street, the BBQ, the hair salon, the bayou.

What a slam dunk of an idea. Music meet storytelling--storytelling meet radio. Someone should give the folks at Long Haul funding to keep doing more of this.