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Review of Buster & SpongeBob in Love

"Good designers (and writers and artists) make trouble." - Tibor Kalman, M&Co.

As do good radio producers!

One of the reasons this is so successful is not only because it is funny and naughty, but because it is a social commentary about an issue that is now very, very visible in the media.

This is so good precisely because it is opinionated and timely.

Jonathan should take these three pieces (Terminally Blonde & The Sopranos in the West Wing) to "On the Media" - I can think of no better place to use popular media to do social commentary. Although they will probably not take "Buster and SpongeBob," it would be a great series for them to do on a regular basis - I hope Jonathan is working on a snappy title for the series and has another in the works.

Really, I don't know why OTM hasn't snatched these up already!

Also seriously consider taking to XM or Sirius. Because it’s a subscription service (like cable TV), they can often air what broadcasters cannot.