Piece Comment

New in Frozen Snakes

This is the story of an old woman - old at the story's telling, anyway - who finds a frozen boa constrictor in Boston. We hear only her voice telling of the find and the ensuing (very minor) events. There is also some piano music, which, though it occasionally verges on distracting, mostly sets just the right tone for this gently absurd little tale.

The editor in me wants it slightly shorter, the music pulled back a notch. The listener in me likes it just fine as is.

This is a story that tells us nothing about progess in Iraq, the ideology of the next pope, nor even about a fascinating new trend in reptilian-human relations. And bully for that.

It reminds me of the sonic IDs used to great effect on Jay Allison's Cape and Islands stations. In a better public radio universe, I could be surprised by this at any time of the day. From such weft, do we weave the fabric of our community.