Piece Comment

Review of Paternalism

I love hoaxes, and the find of this show is the piece about the fairies put forth by the Museum of Hoaxes curator. That piece actually doesn't fit into the theme of Paternalism, and I looked up the pictures referenced and, though I doubt I would have been fooled by them, they did look pretty good.

The main portion of the show was focused on Paternalism, especially how fatherhood had evolved between the Civil War and World War II. The relationship between Magaret Truman and her presidential father, Harry, was also explored. Truman didn't mark a big change in Paternalism, as I thought would be pointed to by the end of the first piece and the WWII era. But, he did signify the start of much of the civil rights and feminist movements, before toning down the platform white and males weren't ready to vote for in the late 40's and early 50's.

This is a rock solid piece, well-produced, good info; it was heavily academic with guests either published by the Cornell U press, a curator of a presidential library or a curator of an online museum. Heavily historic, at least this time around, it would sound great on any traditional public radio station.