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Caption: Students sort through syllable flashcards at the Washington Literacy Council.
In Washington D.C., more than a third of adults lack basic literacy skills. That's 20% higher than the national average. Emily Friedman sits in on ...

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Caption: Carolyn Crouch leaning on the Zero Milestone. But, 'What is the Zero Milestone?' you ask... Take a listen!
If you look closely, right near each of these major monuments in Washington D.C., there's at least one historic spot most people miss.

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"If you thought Melrose Place was hot, wait until you move to Anacostia."

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Caption: The earth at night is still bright!, Credit: International Dark Sky Association
Turns out, light pollution could be even worse for us than previously thought.

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Caption: The NSA Headquarters on Fort Meade, Anne Arundel County, MD, Credit: National Security Agency Website
What's really going on at Fort Meade?

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Caption: "Light Depth" Sam Gilliam, 1969, Credit: Corcoran Gallery of Art
What's the deal with abstract art, anyway?

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Caption: A New Icon for DC, Credit: Brandon Bloch
“Just because you’re a tourist for a moment doesn’t mean you’ve lost your taste and concept of fashion.” The state of DC tourist paraphernalia. Wh...

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