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Caption: Nancy Barker
Nancy Barker is a musician and festival entrepreneur who continues to evolve in her generous sharing of Kentucky's traditional music, from hitting ...

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Caption: Brilliant colors create a vibrant community in the Youth Spirit Artworks Tiny House Empowerment Village in Oakland, California. It's the first tiny house village in the U.S. for homeless young adults ages 18-to-24., Credit: Sally Hindman
Sally Hindman grew up in a wealthy Chicago suburb and was expected to be a debutante. She nixed that idea when she was a junior in high school. He...

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Caption: Nick Wilkins has been a clown for more than five decades., Credit: Courtesy of Nick Wilkins
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is launching a "reimagined" show after a gap of six years. Unlike the "Greatest Show on Earth," Ringling trained...

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Caption: Kantigas Muestras is a Ladino chorus based in Los Angeles., Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
As Jews around the globe celebrate Passover to commemorate the exodus from slavery in Egypt, a community chorus in Los Angeles is keeping alive the...

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Caption: Tom Perotti at Newport Folk Festival 2013, Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
An mesmerizing smile from a legendary blues musician was a spark that helped light the path to 20 years of producing community music concerts for o...

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Piece image
Folk music legend Pete Seeger celebrates his 94th birthday on May 3. Independent producer Rhonda Miller talks with David Dunaway, author of the See...

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Caption: At Common Fence Music, it's bring your own picnic basket and bottle of wine. At the Gathering of Fiddlers & Fishermen, on stage are, from left, Ed McGuirl, Mike Fischman and MC Jacob Haller., Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
While America continues to grieve over the massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut and search for w...

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Caption: Homeless Iraq Veteran Eddie Towne picks up survival gear at the Veterans Administration Stand Down in Biloxi, Mississippi., Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
The goal of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is to end veteran homelessness by 2015. But it's slow going in Mississippi, where hundreds of h...

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Caption: Rivka Amado performs Ladino songs at the Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living in Danville, California., Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
As the candles of Hanukah connect Jews around the world, holiday songs in Ladino shine a light on a language UNESCO rates as “severely endangered.”...

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Caption: Occupy CAL, Credit: Angela Rose Miller
Occupy CAL Audio Postcard

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Caption: Professor Gloria Ascher teaches Ladino at Tufts University., Credit: Rhonda Miller
As Jews around the world celebrate Hanukah, some in Boston are singing in Ladino, a language UNESCO rates as "severely endangered" in its 2009 Atla...

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Caption: Jan Luby at Stone Soup Coffeehouse , Credit: Rhonda Miller
Musicians in America's smallest state are kicking off a year-long project called Singing for Your Supper: The Rhode Island Hunger Project. The goal...

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Caption: Rodolfo Akel in the kitchen at West Hartford Town Hall during a dance., Credit: Courtesy of Sheila Browne
None of us knows when our heart will beat its last beat. For Rodolfo Akel that last beat came on the dance floor. Friends in the Cajun and Zydeco d...

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Caption: Cajun Zydeco festival producer Franklin Zawacki dances with Delilah Lee Lewis.  She is a member of the Cajun band The Creole Belles., Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
The footprints of Franklin Zawacki are on the ground at Cajun and Zydeco festivals he produced in California and New England for three decades. Zaw...

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Caption: Crazy Heart author Thomas Cobb is a professor at Rhode Island College., Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
With Crazy Heart winning Academy Awards for best actor and best original song, Rhode Island author Thomas Cobb says the seeds of his book were pla...

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Caption: Magnolia Cajun band members Michelle Kaminsky & Alan Bradbury, Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
Cajun music and dance is thriving in New England. This is a tale of how Cajun music changed one man's life and the community Cajun has created.

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Caption: Deer Tick's John McCauley, Credit: Angela Rose Miller
Ten years before Woodstock and 40 years after, there's a weekend festival that's been a long time mixing politics, music and community - the Newpor...

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Caption: Ed McGuirl, left, and John Fuzek at Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House in Providence, Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
As the Newport Folk Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary August 1 & 2, two Rhode Island musicians reflect on the early years of up-close worksh...

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