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Caption: Holding the Thin Green Line
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As the fossil fuel industry increases pressure to turn the Pacific Northwest into a fossil fuel export hub, a Thin Green Line stands in its way. Now that communities across the region have stopped numerous coal and oil projects, the industry is pushing even harder to build the West Coast’s largest liquid natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Coos Bay, Oregon, a massive LNG storage and distribution hub at the Port of Tacoma and the world’s largest methanol refinery in Kalama, WA. HOLDING THE THIN GREEN LINE is a four part radio documentary that tells the stories of people fighting to save the souls of their communities and preserve the integrity of the Pacific Northwest. Their struggle to save their own region from the impacts of fossil fuel development has national consequences. The Pacific Northwest is poised to become a funnel that pours natural gas extracted from regions across United States and Canada to markets in Asia. But if these projects are stopped that gas will remain in the ground, and communities on the frontlines of fracking around the country will no longer be threatened by its environmental impacts. HOLDING THE THIN GREEN LINE is the first in-depth coverage of this issue of vital national concern.

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Rivers That Were is a two-part documentary by Barbara Bernstein, that explores the long-term consequences of over a century of redesigning two major rivers - the Columbia and the Colorado - to suit commercial and industrial needs.

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