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Caption: Dr. Abdelwahhab Azzawi, Credit: Courtesy of Abdelwahhab Azzawi
A profile of Syrian opthamologist, activist and poet Abdelwahhab Azzawi. He escaped two war zones and made it to freedom in Germany. But there are ...

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  • Length: 13:23
Caption: St. George Spirits' lab still, Credit: Catherine Girardeau
This piece gives listeners a taste of the art and science contained in your cocktail. Go behind the scenes at St. George Spirits, a Northern Califo...

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Caption: Thomas Azwell with tea tank, Port Sonoma, CA, Credit: Catherine Girardeau
A UC Berkeley researcher is attacking toxic hydrocarbons left over from oil spills with microbes, earthworms, and a few acres of land. Catherine Gi...

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Caption: Raging Grannies Show Their Stuff, Credit: Ruth Robertson
This story highlights the women who inspired documentary filmmaker Pam Walton's latest film, "Raging Grannies: The Action League." Interviews with ...

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Two northern California instrument builders create self-styled musical masterpieces from found objects.

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Eco-minded volunteers clean up after SF Bay oil spill using mats made of human hair.

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An exploration of wedding vows that combines personal essay with documentary form.

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A classical violinist sits in on a bluegrass jam.

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A personal story of losing two mothers, and finding a voice.

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