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Caption: Charles Blackwell teaching at LightHouse for the Blind
Blind since a hiking accident in 1971, Charles Blackwell has not let his disability prevent him from becoming a vibrant visual artists. In this seg...

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Caption: Bust of Harvey Milk
This segment offers a rare look at the sculpture in San Francisco's City Hall of civil rights leader and local hero, Harvey Milk; its sculptor; an...

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Caption: The Girl From Empanada working it on a Friday night, Credit: Photo by Myleen Hollero
Street food is hot! But why are entrepreneurs turning to this option? For the owner of Chile Lindo, an empanada storefront, the answer is simple: i...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
This story explores what life is like in the US working without papers

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Are wheat pasted posters informative public art or vandalism?

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This arts program attempts to generate positivity in Oakland, CA

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This piece explores the high rate of suicide amongst Asian American women

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Maui County officials are working to put control of water back in public hands

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Maui residents struggle to gain control of their water resources.

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San Francisco Latino band tour Eastern Europe

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My Family, Your Family, Our Family, a new coloring book by Libby Black and Jennifer Lovvorn, features families with parents who identify as lesbian...

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After being relocated from their west coast homes on suspicion of being disloyal Americans, some Japanese Americans stood up to the hipocracy when ...

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