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Caption: Azia Banagan and her art, Credit: Angelica Casas
For the last six years, art has consumed Azia Banagan’s young life.

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Caption: Janyce Hill, Credit: Lacy Jane Roberts
Janyce Hill is a gamer. Not video games, but tabletop role-playing games – just think Dungeons and Dragons. Since 1981, she’s been a game master, t...

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Lacy Jane Roberts comes from a long line of truck drivers. As a kid, she used ride along with her grandparents on trips from Montana to California....

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Caption: A bricked door in the basement of a shop on Front Street in Missoula, MT.
No one thinks about the basements.

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James Hinton tells about his transformation of faith.

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16, rolling cigarettes, scoping bikinis, catching fish.

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Caption: check out, Credit: Kenn Brown via
Lacy Roberts and Charles Darwin muse on what's in store.

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Caption: Grampa appreciating, Credit: Probably my Grandmother
A girl who is really, really proud to be from Montana

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