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Caption: Marcia Nalebuff
It was 1959, and Marcia Nalebuff saw no way out.

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Caption: Tippi Hedren in "The Birds" (1963)
There was something about the flamingo area at Marineland that attracted four year-old Megan Whitman.

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Caption: Harold Lerner, 1945
1943, The Pacific. Aboard a troop ship bound for New Guinea, under threat of enemy fire, a young private is tasked with an awesome responsibility.

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Gabriel Vaughan and Piper Goodeve have set upon a singular mission: to revive the sport of croquet in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, where it once thri...

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Caption: Megpie (formerly Magpie)
There's a lot at stake for new food startups, but in Brooklyn, NY, the climate has become unmistakably hospitable.

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Caption: Kari in front of the Joe Strummer mural, Niagara Bar, East Village, NYC, Summer 2013
Spending the summer in California while her mother convalesces from a grave illness, a 12 year-old finds herself suddenly alone at a rock concert o...

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Caption: Ford Transit Connect
Three views of the New York City non-profit meal delivery program, God's Love We Deliver.

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Caption: Chuck Piekarski, Credit: Janette Beckman
Chuck Piekarski, a baker/pastry chef at God's Love We Deliver in New York, came to his job after experiencing a personal tragedy -- and now he's gi...

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Caption: Lisa Zullig
Lisa Zullig and her team of dietitians at God's Love We Deliver provide nutritional assistance to a diverse clientele around the metro-New York Cit...

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Caption: Karen Pearl and Hassan Mazyan, Jr., Credit: KP photo by Janette Beckman
In which Karen Pearl, President and CEO of God's Love We Deliver, explains the mission of the organization, and Hassan Mazyan Jr., a client, descri...

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Caption: Not my neighbor's hamster.
A woman and her hamster.

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A portrait of a mother and daughter, born forty years apart.

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Caption: Tramway in Samsun, Turkey, Credit: Jack May
Since October 1962, a handful of dedicated rail enthusiasts have been sending each other letters, photos, and reports about their common passion. ...

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With his comedy career stalled, 30 year-old Scott Schultz enrolls as a Freshman at down-and-out L.A. City College, and is named Sports Editor of th...

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Caption: David Rohde & Kristen Mulvihill, Credit: Erik Swain
Former NY Times reporter David Rohde was abducted in Afghanistan only two months after marrying Cosmopolitan photo director Kristen Mulvihill. Seve...

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Arriving at her family's storage space in Syracuse, NY, a Brooklyn-based writer and mom is surprised to find the contents far more plentiful and si...

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A car accident on the way to a Radiohead concert at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia sets the scene for a life-changing encounter at a Waffle House out...

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Caption: Ananda Ashram, Monroe, NY
Stumbling blindly through the late Sixties, a promising young actor finds comfort, then spiritual solace, after a series of coincidences alters his...

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Caption: Dahlia Gallin Ramirez and Bill Rousseau, Credit: Gabriela Hasbun
What's an unknown band to do after pouring blood, sweat, tears, and its own money into making the most awesome record ever?

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Caption: Jason Robards, Jr. in THE DISENCHANTED on Broadway
In which David Pressman goes to war, suffers the consequences, and comes home to direct a hit play.

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