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Caption: Julio Gosdisnki, Owner, Griffith Park Carousel, Credit: Anny Celsi
Julio Gosdinksi came to Los Angeles from Lima, Peru when he was twelve, and grew up without a father. He found his first job in high school, help...

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Caption: Eric Elias and Sara Hiner, Credit: Anny Celsi
In communities all over America, summer means outdoor concerts – and fireworks. Can you hear the “1812 Overture” without picturing brightly colored...

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Caption: The Beatles - Abbey Road, Credit: Robert Landau
The very first rock billboard arrived on the strip fifty years ago, just in time for the Summer of Love. It was the brainchild of Elektra Records...

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Caption: Manuel Lima in The Cube, Credit: Anny Celsi
A man, a plan, a piano: For 10 days, Brazilian composer Manuel Lima ate, slept and played the piano in a 10 x 10 foot square cube erected on a tria...

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Caption: Music Director Willie Aaron leads the Harry Nilsson Chorus, Credit: Gabriel Szoke
The late singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson is, and always was, a musician's musician. In Los Angeles, a chorus of Harry-philes hope to use the power ...

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Jazz musician Esperanza Spalding took up the violin at age five, was a concertmaster at fifteen and graduated from the Berklee School of Music at a...

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Caption: Joe Powers, Credit: Ishka Michoka
Most people think of the harmonica as a pastime for cowboys, or the go-to instrument for blues aficianados. But in Joe Powers' hands, the humble h...

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Caption: Voco performing live: April Guthrie, Moira Smiley, Sally Dworsky , Credit: Simone McSparran
VOCO sings folk music - but not the usual coffeehouse fare. It’s music that's steeped in generations of tradition, from far-off, tucked-away corner...

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Caption: The cast of Creating Bias-Free Classrooms, Credit: Gloria Juang
Teens in Los Angeles use live theater to battle homophobia in the classroom.

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