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Caption: Jean Cinquambre feeding his cows, Credit: Addie Goss
Through much of the last century, French and Spanish Basques herded sheep, alone, in northern Wyoming's mountains. For company, they listened to a...

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Landowners in Johnson County, Wyoming, live with a kind of paradox. They hate to see their neighbor's ranches turned to subdivisions. But their b...

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A Wyoming tradition is up for sale.

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A profile of the one Iraqi student at the University of Wyoming

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How soldiers prepare for home and at training.

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Pronghorn antelope trek 340 miles each year, the longest land migration in the lower 48. But the route is filling in with homes and oil and gas we...

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Ancient trees reveal the West has over-allocated its water. Climate change could only make things worse.

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Fresh paint, watered plans, electricity: U.S. money helps spruce up a Malian school ahead of the First Lady's visit.

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Some say rising uranium prices could revive a Wyoming ghosttown. But remaining residents don't buy it.

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