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Caption: Sean and Sam Hurley on Welch Mountain., Credit: Sean Hurley
This is a parenting story and a story about time. I've been hiking with my son Sam since he was born. In this story, I contrast recordings I made...

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Caption: A Christmas Tree in the forest. , Credit: Sean Hurley
Some people get their trees at the supermarket, some at Christmas tree farms. Some cut them down in the National Forest. They take them home and ...

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  • Length: 03:05
Caption: View of Welch Mountain from Dickey Mountain in Thornton, NH. , Credit: Sean Hurley
We really only have one word for snow. Yes, meteorologists might talk of stellar dendrites or graupels or aggregates – but when it snows, in Engli...

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An Interview with "Harry", a man who gives away Christmas trees.

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Like "An Affair to Remember" but with a Christmas theme.

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Memories of Thanksgiving

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A reflection on the first snow of the winter.

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Winner in this year's Third Coast Shortdocs Competition

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