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Will Wright asked experts about the chronic want for models of color on the runways and in ads.

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Caption: Chris Rock, Credit: Seattle Times
How do Black people think Anglos (white people) think they talk?

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Minneapolis Police try something different to boost with domestic violence convictions.

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Caption: Pres. Obama
When Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president he became the first African-American to head a major party ticket. What becomes...

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Caption: metis/multi"race", Credit: - census
People have been trying to think, and identify themselves, outside of "racial" boxes since even before W.E.B. DuBois called the color line the prob...

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Caption: Will Wright, Credit: Brooks Peterson
Will Wright has been wondering: how will the New Year and Pres. Obama affect African-American men - their attitudes and futures?

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Caption: Susie laughs easily, Credit: Veronica Kiss
Will Wright talks to a young blind doctoral student about some of the myths and other obstacles she faces as "just a normal 22-year-old."

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Caption: grand old party
African-American Republicans sound off on their platform while Obama runs.

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Non-Muslims get a taste of Islam by fasting during Ramadan.

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Will Wright spoke with a man whose attempt to save a stranger's life left a mark on his.

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Caption: Cha Lee Vue, Credit: Alexis Trauger
A Gordon Parks HS senior excels by the grace of her daughter's love...

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