All Pieces for Brian Aust

Caption: Camel's Hump as seen from from the Single Chair at Mad River Glen ski area, Vermont - 1/21/2016, Credit: Brian Aust
A jazzgrass summoning of Ol' Man Winter's most beautiful possession for those places where it belongs.

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A 21st Century set of only the best bluegrass, jazz & genre-fusing music.

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Caption: On the air at WGDR-Plainfield in July 2008, Credit: Colleen Newton
Celebrating the longest days of the year....anytime you need to!

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Celebrating the floral time of year with bluegrass, jazz and other music from that slippery sonic continuum in between.

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An all-new presentation of backyard bird songs mixed into thematically related classic JazzGrass music. This 20th installment of WoodWarbler's Jazz...

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Caption: At a wedding collecting ideas for our wedding....Cape Cod June 2015
Songs by the women of bluegrass, jazz and that space of stylistic flux between....

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Caption: 2012 All Species Day Parade, Credit:
Celebrating life on Earth every day of the year!

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New releases from the past 18 months or so, mostly released in 2016.

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A show dedicated to the peculiar years sporting an extra day on the calendar...

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Caption: On the air at WMRW-Warren, Vermont in 2007
Perhaps the least understood of bluegrass instruments is the resonator guitar, a.k.a the dobro. Only a relatively small handful of enlightened mus...

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Caption: Gordon Stone performing on the air at the WGDR-Plainfiield studio during the show 2011, Credit: B. Aust
This next installment of the JazzGrass Origin Series presents the signature instrument of bluegrass, newgrass and jamgrass.....the banjos that dest...

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Caption: Spring Skiing in Vermont, Credit: Wendy Bridgewater
A musical offering to the inevitability, and in this strange year of no East Coast winter, the dominance of springtime.

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Caption: On The Air at WGDR-Plainfield, VT ~ Goddard College Community Radio, Credit: B. Aust
The Origins of JazzGrass continues with a first pass through the most influential guitar players in bluegrass, jazz, progressive acoustic and relat...

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Songs that sound like Vermont of course, where this show airs weekly.

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This third installment of the Origins Series features standout performances on the double bass and electric bass, with emphasis on the improvisatio...

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Caption: On the air at WGDR-Plainfield/WGDH-Hardwick, doing The Origin Series, Credit: Brian Aust
Part 2 in the Origin Series explores some of the most legendary musicians ever to saw on the strings in the genres of bluegrass, jazz and the slipp...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
A tour-de-force showcasing musicians born in the month of January.

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Completing a 60-song, three-show cycle of recently released JazzGrass music that's worth listening to!

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Highlighting recent bluegrass, jazz and genre-fusing releases received within the past year.

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