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In 2011, Rinker Buck crossed the Oregon Trail — yes, that Oregon Trail — in a covered wagon pulled by a team of mules. He traveled with his brother...

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Michael Kearney is a genius — he holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to graduate from college, at age 10. Now he's 32, an...

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Caption: Hot Chicken
What happens when one man shares his love for hot chicken over a fat beat?

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Caption: Brian signing his work, Credit: Jakob Lewis
Brian Weir is following his passion as a woodworker. He might still be working at a job he hated if it wasn't for his wife. This piece was produced...

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Caption: Jane and John Vose
A family lost their son at 22. They confront his death by preparing his body and building his casket. This piece was produced with at t...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
Part One: The Story of Two Fathers, a priest and his actual dad, trying to out father one another. Part Two: A Review of Nashville's newest ingred...

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  • Length: 20:38