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Caption: Vanessa Gueringer sits outside her renovated home on Tupelo Street. She loves her neighborhood, but wishes businesses would come back., Credit: Tegan Wendland, WWNO
In the Lower Ninth Ward an infrastructure project has reopened old wounds. For more than 50 years, the Army Corps of Engineers has tried to expand ...

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Caption: Lester Nicosia and his wife, Carole, just re-opened his family restaurant, Mutt's, on the North Shore. They say, as transplants, people haven't always been friendly to them but they feel at-home in St. Tammany Parish now., Credit: Tegan Wendland, WWNO
As Louisiana’s coast continues to disappear, people are moving inland. The state says thousands may be forced to leave their homes - but where wil...

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Caption: Virgil Allen runs the museum and training program at the state’s first offshore rig, Mr. Charlie, which was dragged to the banks of the Atchafalaya when it retired and is now a museum., Credit: Tegan Wendland
A sudden drop in oil prices last year has brought huge challenges to the state of Louisiana — more than 10,000 layoffs in the oil and gas sector an...

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Caption: Justin Peebles, 32, stands outside his apartment building in Wausau. He is epileptic and unemployed and has been waiting for services from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation since April., Credit: Tegan Wendland/Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
The findings from a new Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism report show that despite the opportunity to solve some of these problems, the...

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Caption: A cut sugar field in Paincourtville. , Credit: Tegan Wendland
Louisiana sugar farmers are having a good year. As WRKF's Tegan Wendland reports, the yield is up, and so are prices.

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Caption: Jorey Danos worked with BP's Vessels of Opportunity for three months following the spill and says it made him sick. , Credit: Tegan Wendland
When the Deepwater Horizon exploded two years ago, spilling an unprecedented amount of oil into the Gulf, BP hired about 48,000 workers to clean up...

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Caption: Kenny Kleinpeter at his favorite local graveyard, Highland Historic Cemetery in Baton Rouge. , Credit: Tegan Wendland
A feature piece on the striking state of disrepair of many of Louisiana's graveyards, how they got to be that way and what their future preservatio...

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