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Love Across the Divide: stories about cross-cultural dating and relationships. In episode one, producers Jennifer (from California) and Christian (...

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Caption: Fisherman Juan Armesto in front of Drummond's port, Credit: J Dunn
Santa Marta residents say Alabama-based coal company Drummond is trashing their water and air.

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China's one child policy has led to a severe gender imbalance and surplus of men unable to find wives.

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Caption: A proud grandmother shows of her grandson in Southern China
Pressed by paternal grandparents to have a boy, couples in China engage in creative ways of tricking the system and having a son without openly vio...

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Since the implementation of the one child policy in China 3 decades ago, a severe gender imbalance has emerged. This imbalance is evidence of famil...

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Caption: Danjia fishing village is slated for demolition to make room for new high-rise apartments.
Development plans threaten to push Danjia Fishing Village from the coast of China's Hainan Island.

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HIV carriers in rural China struggle for livelyhood and justice

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Development tensions and forced relocation in rural southwestern China

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Media reforms in China are presenting reporters with new freedoms and challenges

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Dapo Abo sings one of his traditional mountain songs to the accompaniment of the ocean for the first time.

  • Added: Apr 25, 2004
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Changing values about sexuality among China's youth, and the role of Western pornography in their sex education.

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Members of China's floating population recount their hopes and challenges as rural-urban migrants.

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Changing values about sex among youth in China, and the education they seek.

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