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Caption: Coal's Pollution Costs the U.S. $130 B a year, Credit: Photo: Reid Frazier
Scientists wanted to know how much air pollution from coal costs the U.S. in bad health. The numbers are big--but not as big as they could have bee...

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Caption: The Homer City Generating Station in Pennsylvania., Credit: Reid Frazier
How do you clean up 100,000 tons of air pollution? Boatloads of air filters, and some basic high school chemistry. This story takes the listener in...

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Caption: Calling the Beef Draft to Order, Credit: James Sharrard
Eating local is environmentally friendly, but it’s hard to find local meat in the supermarket. Producer Reid Frazier went to find out how some are ...

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Caption: Up to a million acres of strip-mined land have been de-forested., Credit: Photo: Reid Frazier
More than a million acres of strip-mined land—an area the size of Rhode Island—are now deforested in Appalachia.

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Caption: Julian Koenig, who coined 'Earth Day'., Credit: Photo Courtesy of Sarah Koenig
Who came up with the name 'Earth Day'? It turns out, a legendary Madison Avenue ad man named Julian Koenig. He was responsible for some of the most...

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Caption: Identified Technologies' 'Boomerang' Drone Could Sniff Out Methane, Credit: Photo: Reid R. Frazier
Can technology keep an eye on the fracking industry? Some think drones could help detect pollution and dangerous leaks from the oil and gas busines...

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Caption: Crystal Yost with daughters Olivia, four, and Emily, 11. Yost doesn't want fracking near her children's suburban Pittsburgh school. , Credit: Reid Frazier
In Pennsylvania, fracking is getting close to schools. Some parents are worried about the health and safety of drilling rigs a few hundred feet fro...

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Caption: Daniel Tkacik studies soot particles from vehicles in his temporary lab: the Fort Pitt Tunnel in Pittsburgh. , Credit: Image: Reid R, Frazier
In recent years, scientists have found that particles like soot and other pollution live a ‘secret life’ once released into the atmosphere, picking...

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Caption: A Chesapeake Energy rig in Carroll County, Ohio, where fracking is taking place in Amish communities. , Credit: Reid R. Frazier
In Ohio, some of the best pockets of oil and gas in the East run right under Amish country. Reid Frazier found the drilling boom is confronting the...

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Caption: Amy Pare, a doctor in Washington County, Pennsylvania, has been trying to get the state to examine possible links between gas development and health problems. , Credit: Reid R. Frazier
Concerns about the health effects of hydraulic fracturing prompted a Washington County, PA doctor to ask the state to take a closer look at a group...

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Caption: Amy Pare, a plastic surgeon in heavily-drilled Washington County, Pa. She's found arsenic, benzene, and other drilling-related contaminants in the urine of her patients., Credit: Photo: Reid R. Frazier
Thousands of wells have been drilled in the Marcellus shale, using new types of drilling methods. But there are questions about the safety of these...

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Caption: Marty Whiteman found himself in a struggle with Chesapeake Energy, which leased the gas under his farm. , Credit: Reid R. Frazier
What happens when your land sits on top of a rich natural gas deposit, but you don't own the mineral rights. In Wetzel County, West Virginia, many ...

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Caption: Making way for the Marcellus, Credit: Reid R. Frazier/Allegheny Front
Why are Marcellus shale salts still turning up in drinking water? Is Pennsylvania's voluntary program to limit them keeping drinking water clean?

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Caption: Making way for the Marcellus, Credit: Reid R. Frazier/Allegheny Front
Gas companies spend millions of dollars to fund research at Penn State. Does the money buy anything else?

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Caption: Making way for the Marcellus, Credit: Reid R. Frazier/Allegheny Front
How will fracking affect Pennsylvania's most remote forests? Reid Frazier took a trip above the state's biggest forest and saw first hand the impri...

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Caption: Making way for the Marcellus, Credit: Reid R. Frazier/Allegheny Front
We use natural gas to heat our homes and generate our power. Can we use it to fuel our cars? Big Gas thinks shale gas is the key to cleaning up our...

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