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A year after a deadly tornado came through Apison, Tennessee, residents recount the year that followed.

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Caption: The Presbyterian church in Vardy, Tennessee, was a community center for some Melungeon families. , Credit: Mary Helen Miller
The Melungeons were a mixed-race group in southern Appalachia with an elusive history. Now some Melungeon descendants are looking to DNA testing fo...

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Caption: Beverly Sanders takes plane ride recently.
Beverly Sanders was one of about 1,000 female pilots who flew during WWII. Known as the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots), the women flew non-co...

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Caption: Amy Boortz feeds rescue dogs at the school where she lives. , Credit: Mary Helen Miller
Amy Boortz bought a full-size school in north Georgia to live in with her family. They turned classrooms into bedrooms, and life was alright for a ...

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Caption: Margaret Rogers leads a tap dancing class at the senior center in Falmouth, Massachusetts. , Credit: Mary Helen Miller
Margaret Rogers has been dancing for a really long time -- 86 years. She's taught all kinds of dance to generations of students in her town, Falmou...

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