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Caption: Michelle Zamora on the set of Waffles+Mochi, Credit: Michelle Zamora
Michelle Zamora puppeteers Waffles on the hit Netflix series Waffles + Mochi. She’s performed and built puppets for TV shows including A Black Lad...

  • Added: Jan 23, 2023
  • Length: 48:00
Caption: Gord Robertson on Fraggle Rock, Credit: Gord Robertson
Gord Robertson was the puppeteer of Zoboomafoo, the talking Lemur from the television show of the same name. He also played Bill, the psychopathic...

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  • Length: 01:13:00
Caption: Mike Quinn, Credit: Mike Quinn
Mike Quinn’s first professional puppetry gig was working for Jim Henson on The Great Muppet Caper. His second job was working on The Dark Crystal....

  • Added: Aug 31, 2022
  • Length: 01:30:27
Caption: Noreen Young, Credit: Noreen Young
Noreen Young is an incredibly influential puppeteer, puppet builder and producer who has been working in the business for decades. She had a hand ...

  • Added: Aug 09, 2022
  • Length: 01:02:11
Caption: Jim Napolitano, Credit: Jim Napolitano
Jim Napolitano is the creator of Nappy’s Puppets. He’s known throughout the US as one of the leading shadow puppetry artists performing today. In...

  • Added: Aug 02, 2022
  • Length: 01:16:47
Caption: Willie Tyler & Lester, Credit: Willie Tyler & Lester
Willie Tyler is a ventriloquist who, along with his partner Lester, has been making a living in show business since the 1960s when he was hired as ...

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  • Length: 35:53
Caption: John Kennedy, Credit: John Kennedy
John Kennedy is a puppeteer on Sesame Street where he plays Mumford the Magician. His other credits include work on The Muppets, Dinosaurs, The Wu...

  • Added: Aug 02, 2022
  • Length: 01:39:10
Caption: Nina Keogh, Credit: Nina Keogh
Nina Keogh puppeteered the rhyming Muffy Mouse on the show Today’s Special. Her other puppetry credits include work on the iconic Canadian kids sh...

  • Added: Feb 23, 2021
  • Length: 01:03:45
Caption: Kevin Clash, Credit: Kevin Clash
Kevin Clash made Sesame Street’s Elmo the global phenomenon he is today.  He worked with The Muppets starring as Clifford, who went on to host Mupp...

  • Added: Feb 16, 2021
  • Length: 01:34:21
Caption: Tony Urbano, Credit: Tony Urbano
Tony Urbano is a puppeteer who was trained by and worked with master puppeteers such as Ralph Chessé and Bil and Cora Baird. Tony turned down a job...

  • Added: Sep 29, 2020
  • Length: 01:37:03
Caption: Matt Vogel, Credit: Matt Vogel
Matt Vogel is a principal Muppet performer who took over the roles of Sesame Street’s Big Bird and The Count as well as the most recognizable puppe...

  • Added: Aug 25, 2020
  • Length: 01:01:54
Caption: Lisa Sweasy, Credit: Lisa Sweasy
The Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky is the world’s only museum dedicated to the art of ventriloquism. I speak with Vent Haven’s curato...

  • Added: Aug 25, 2020
  • Length: 31:42
Caption: Jay Johnson, Credit: Jay Johnson
Ventriloquist Jay Johnson became a household name starring on the sitcom Soap as ventriloquist Chuck Campbell. He later went on to win a Tony Awar...

  • Added: Aug 25, 2020
  • Length: 01:16:36
Caption: Ronnie Burkett, Credit: Ronnie Burkett
I talk to master puppeteer Ronnie Burkett, who is teaching a Master Class at the 2020 National Puppetry Conference, about his thoughts on the Confe...

  • Added: Aug 25, 2020
  • Length: 24:37
Caption: Cheryl Blaylock, Credit: Cheryl Blaylock
Cheryl Blaylock puppeteered the character Eureeka on the hit Nickelodeon show Eureeka’s Castle. Other credits include work on Sesame Street, Oobi,...

  • Added: Aug 25, 2020
  • Length: 01:06:03
Caption: Donna Kimball and Allan Trautman, Credit: Donna Kimball and Allan Trautman
In this first Puppeteer Roundtable, I am joined by Donna Kimball (Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal Age of Resistance) and Allan Trautman (Muppets, Happyt...

  • Added: May 15, 2020
  • Length: 57:35
Caption: Mark Bryan Wilson & Slimer, Credit: mark Bryan Wilson
Mark Bryan Wilson puppeteered Slimer in blockbuster film Ghostbusters.  His other credits include puppetry work on Beetlejuice, Hook, MuppetVision ...

  • Added: May 15, 2020
  • Length: 01:18:32
Caption: Aran de la Peña, Credit: Aran de la Peña
In this episode I chat with Aran de la Peña of Pro Puppet Makers about how he constructed the giant puppets for Disney/Pixar’s A Celebration of the...

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  • Added: Apr 23, 2020
  • Length: 57:28
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Caption: David Stephens, Credit: David Stephens
My guest this episode is David Stephens of All Hands Productions. David creates family friendly, one person puppets shows that tour all across the ...

  • Added: Apr 23, 2020
  • Length: 01:19:14
Caption: Katy Williams, Credit: Katy Williams
Let’s say you are a puppeteer who lives in an area where there is no Puppetry Guild. What do you do? Well, if you’re puppeteer Katy Williams you ...

  • Added: Mar 21, 2020
  • Length: 42:30