All Pieces for Abigail Mahnke, host of Inner Views

Caption: Crockett Grabbe, Credit: Lisa Scheps
Crockett has a PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech and was a research scientist at the University of Iowa for almost 30 years. In his professional ...

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  • Length: 25:27
Caption: Host Abigail Mahnke with Jamie Schwettman & Eric Michaud, Credit: Lisa Scheps
Jamie & Eric met while working at Argonne National Laboratory, a division of the Department of Energy focused on science and engineering research. ...

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  • Length: 25:20
Caption: Djaingo Waragol and Steven Boyd, Credit: sprout imagery
Steven is an Army veteran with a chronic stomach disease called gastroparesis. In the last 9 years he has been in the hospital 84 times, and gone t...

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  • Length: 26:15
Caption: Stephanie Guerra with host Abigail Mahnke, Credit: Lisa Scheps
I interviewed Stephanie in May 2011 about her 30 year addiction to heroin, her life as a prostitute to support her habit, committing burglaries and...

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  • Length: 26:34
Caption: Carla Contreras with Julian
In 2009, Carla took in a beautiful 8-month-old baby boy named Julian after he and his 2 siblings were taken from their parents by CPS. The parents ...

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  • Length: 30:00
Caption: John Marshall
Growing up, John's parents just weren't around, so he and his sister essentially raised themselves. They were also poor and no one at school wanted...

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  • Length: 25:34
Caption: Host Abigail Mahnke with Sgt. Dianne Bratchett & Pete Trotman, Credit: Lisa Scheps
Starting in May 2010, the Travis County Jail has been growing an organic vegetable garden - and, as you can guess, is tended by the inmates. The wo...

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  • Length: 25:13
Caption: Stephanie Guerra
Stephanie was born to alcoholic parents. As one of seven children where every single one of them became addicted to drugs or alcohol, Stephanie's d...

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  • Length: 26:14
Caption: Barbra Hernandez
One day in 2008, Barbra all of sudden collapsed on the floor, having lost the ability to use her legs. She was diagnosed with one of the most sever...

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  • Length: 25:15
Caption: Arthur Murillo, Brian Whelan, host Abigail Mahnke, Ted Ward, Amos Underwood, Credit: Mark Gouldsmith
Did you know that bus driving is also a sport? The Texas State Bus Roadeo showcases the safety, customer service, and technical skills of operators...

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Caption: Chelsea Hernandez, Abigail Mahnke & Erik Mauck, Credit: Lisa Scheps
I interviewed filmmakers Erik Mauck and Chelsea Hernandez about the feature length documentary they're in the process of making, called The Road to...

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Caption: Israel Hernandez with host Abigail Mahnke, Credit: Lisa S
Israel grew up surrounded by drugs, alcohol and violence. At age 13, he started to sell drugs himself, forming a crew of 9 "business associates" wh...

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Caption: Sharon Downer
Sharon is a Realtor today but in the 60s, she was a nun. She grew up in St. Louis where the parish was the center of activity and, for her, enterin...

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  • Length: 26:07
Caption: Host Abigail Mahnke with Cristen Andrews, Credit: Jarrod Hardy
Ever since she was a child, Cristen has been entering contests . . . and winning! She won the mother of all contests in 2008: a yearlong trip aroun...

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  • Length: 26:22
Caption: Brad Crowder & David McKay
Two boyhood friends from Midland, Texas – David McKay and Brad Crowder – fall under the sway of a charismatic revolutionary ten years their senior....

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Caption: Crockett Grabbe, Credit: Lisa Scheps
Crockett has a PhD in Applied Physics from the prestigious Caltech. He considers this to be the greatest accomplishment of his 20s. He was diagnose...

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  • Length: 24:24
Caption: Keith Cunningham
Most of us are familiar with the bestselling book by Robert Kiyosaki, "Rich Dad Poor Dad." But most of us don't know that Keith Cunningham is Rich ...

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  • Length: 24:23
Caption: Carl Webb & Hart Viges
Carl and Hart joined the army in 2001 and both left in 2004 because they stopped believing in what they were doing. In Carl's case, he became an ar...

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  • Length: 25:55
Caption: The Teller & The Truth
Andrew is a filmmaker whose credits include Happiness Is and Before the Music Dies. Andrew is working on a new film, The Teller and the Truth, abou...

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  • Length: 27:22
Caption: Lacy Coleman, Credit: Lisa Scheps
At age 25, Lacy had a stroke that left her right side paralyzed and unable to speak. After 3 months of hospital therapy, she was far from recovered...

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  • Length: 26:39