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Recent Pieces from Viki Merrick

Caption: Maxie Jones, Credit: Liz Mackinder

2103: Turning the Page, 1/26/2021 (53:56)
From: The Moth

In this hour stories of acceptance, moving on, and letting go. Growing older and maybe wiser, and stepping boldly into the future. This hour is hosted by Moth Executive ...
Caption: Christopher Skaife, Credit: Jason Falchook

2102: Birds of a Feather, 1/12/2021 (53:58)
From: The Moth

Let the feathers fly! This week, a special avian hour. Stories from a Ravenmaster, a scientist, and a reluctant chicken farmer about the birds that made them as happy as a ...
Caption: Alice Brock

Still Kickin' and Still Cookin' - (04:20)
From: Viki Merrick

60's Icon Alice of " Alice’s Restaurant" gets served a helping hand...from thousands - a story of giving, and receiving and hope - perfect holiday fare.
Caption: Phill Branch, Credit: Jason Falchook

2009: Not What They Seem, 12/29/2020 (53:59)
From: The Moth

In this hour, tales that remind us that looks can be deceiving. Disguises, surprises from strangers, and reckoning with one's own identity. This episode is hosted by Moth ...
Caption: Vivian Huang, Credit: Photo by Jason Falchook

1722: Finding Your Calling, 12/22/2020 (53:57)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories about finding your calling. A speech writer has a defining moment at the White House; a young Carl Bernstein gets his first job as a copy boy in a news ...
Caption: Dawn Fraser

1723: Presents, Menorahs and Palm Trees: December Holiday Stories, 12/15/2020 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this special December holiday hour, stories about celebration, differing traditions, and family. A mother and son do their best to keep the gifting spirit alive, a ...
Caption: Lydia Caesar, Credit: Max Bouvatte

2021: I Got You, 12/8/2020 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of community, solidarity, and support, sometimes from unexpected sources! A preacher's daughter, a grumpy grandfather, a conflicted young man, and a ...
Caption: Christian McBride, Credit: Allison Evans

1521: Live from Boston, 12/1/2020 (53:57)
From: The Moth

A special live edition of The Moth recorded at the Shubert Theatre in Boston. A New York City cop looks into the death of a kid he grew up with, a jazz musician dreams of ...
Caption: Jackie Andrews, Credit: Margaret Baker

1916: Live from Dayton, 11/17/2020 (53:57)
From: The Moth

A special live edition of The Moth, brought to you from the Victoria Theater in Dayton, Ohio. Conscious uncoupling, a livestock auction, new perspectives, and Darth Vader. ...
Caption: Julie Pryor, Credit: Michael Dinneen

2020: Past Tense, Future Perfect, 10/27/2020 (53:57)
From: The Moth

In this hour, moments and memories that mold the future. Life or death choices made in an instant, bygone mistakes, and letting go of grudges and guilt. This hour is hosted ...