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Interesting, but not interested

The story seem to have great detail, and placed extraordinary imagery within my mind. The story has great pacing and allows the viewer do gradually become engaged, however, stating in the short description that "it was a stressful graduation" not only had me convinced to be more, but also had me convinced that there would be a certain overly dramatic aspect of the story.

Overall, nice sound quality, and i appreciate the lack of music in the story because it also allows the viewer to become engaged and listen to your voice. Which is why I assumed you had your own vocals recorded to sing a short piece in the story, which seemed like a pleasant pause from the calm voice of the story.

However, in the narration there were some p-pops and a small amount of distortion and clippings. As for the ending, I thought it was a tad bit abrupt, and left me somewhat clueless considering the story wasn't as engaging.

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The main argument driving my story is the fact that i was a gamer who was with a doubt addicted to video games because i spent more than a few hours on xbox, however; there's no arguing that 2000 hours worth of gameplay is addicted...