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As a teenager myself, I probably don't have the best relationship with my mother and I've always assumed that no one else has it quite like I do. Youth Mic reporters Esther SanClou, Constance Jay., and Rosa explore a range of relationships between teenagers and their moms. In her interviews, Esther made sure that she received an input from people of different ages, but a brief intro of all or some of the interviewees would have made additional differences more noticeable. There were many great questions in the vox, however, deeper follow-up questions would have probably gotten more out of interviewees and made the piece stronger. Esther also had the right ideas when she wrote her narration, and the sound quality was really good, nonetheless I feel like she could've gone a little more in depth with her writing. Something that caught my attention, was that it seemed as if mostly women or girls ran into some sort of issue with their mothers and that more guys seemed to have some sort of support of their mothers. I certainly felt like my mother and older brother had a better relationship. The relationship that a teenager has with his/her mother is something that we all can relate to, even our parents themselves, and this piece exemplifies the good the bad and the ugly of the fact. Radio wise, this piece would be great on a teen show or even a special on parenting.