Comments by Kathryn Kaye

Comment for "A New Way To Drink Water: From a Cup!"

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Review of "A New Way To Drink Water: From a Cup!"

The research for "A New Way To Drink Water: From a Cup!" seems very well done. However, the narrator needs to read a bit more smoothly so as not to sound robotic. I like the fact that he mentions the blind tasting in order to prove his point that bottled water is not better tasting than tap water. The producer should slow down and bring up the levels at the end. This piece would likely be heard in a longer program about tap vs. bottled water.

Comment for "Recycle Rhythms-Coke Can"

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Review of "Recycle Rhythms-Coke Can"

"Recycle Rhythms-Coke Can" is a neat little mix of sounds. I like the sounds because they are a bit unnerving when put together. I felt that the voices could have used more emotion; they sound very similar. This piece would likely be a sound tag in a longer radio program.

Comment for "On the Beach"

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Review of "On the Beach"

I love the "stream of consciousness" format of this piece. The narrator's imagery about a perfect, harmonious world is tear-jerkingly beautiful. The music compliments the piece wonderfully. "On the Beach" has a message that needs to be heard by everyone who loves, ignores, pollutes, or takes for granted the earth.

Comment for "The Truffula Trees and WE!"

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Review of The Truffula Trees and WE!

I like the emotion in the narrator's voice. Using Dr. Seuss's movie makes the subject, appreciating and caring for the environment, easier to relate to. I like her story about the boy from New York; it really illustrates her point. The music and sound effects are well-mixed with her voice. Gandhi's words are a beautiful message to remind people to act for what they believe in.

Comment for "Gas Prices are the New Curfew"

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Review of Gas Prices are the New Curfew

"Gas Prices are the New Curfew," is interesting to teens who drive, are in relationships, or are just general teens. This piece would likely be heard on a youth-geared radio station, such as The narration and voxes are funny, yet true. I like the music segment that compliments what the narrator is saying because it is funny and not too distracting. This piece does feel a little short though, due to the way the narrator speaks the ending.

Comment for "Global Warming Rap"

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Review of Global Warming Rap

The Global Warming Rap grabbed my attention because the mash-up is rather unusual: people don’t tend to think of rap when they think of global warming and vice versa. This piece would work as a drop-in during the news on a station such as NPR. I like the music in this piece, it helps the acts flow along and creates drama and tension, but it could be cut down some between acts and maybe at the beginning to give the acts more attention. The lyrics are very clever and shocking; they bravely point the finger at who is responsible for global warming and warn of the continued consequences of these actions. The narration is compelling, but hard to understand in some spots due to high music levels and fast speaking. At 3:02, a woman's voice pops in unexpectedly along with a cut off female laugh. This act needs to be faded in at the beginning and end, where the ambient sound cuts off. The music levels need lowering under the voices so that they can be heard better. I like the ending; it is a neat way to leave the listener.