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StoryCorps: David Wilson and Robert Compton (04:45)
From: StoryCorps

David Wilson and his husband Rob Compton, one of the first legally married same-sex couples in the US, talk about how they met and reflect on the significance of their ...
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StoryCorps: Shotzy Harrison and James Flavy Coy Brown (02:46)
From: StoryCorps

Shotzy Harrison talks with her father, James Flavy Coy Brown, about reuniting when she was 25, after he was in and out of her life while dealing with mental illness and ...
Caption: James Kennicott (L) and Kara Masteller (R)

StoryCorps: James Kennicott and Kara Masteller (02:52)
From: StoryCorps

Recorded using the StoryCorps app, a granddaughter learns about a difficult upbringing, loved ones lost, and gets advice on growing older.
Caption: Adrian Hawkins (L) and Horace Atwater Jr. (R)

StoryCorps: Adrian Hawkins and Horace Atwater Jr. (02:00)
From: StoryCorps

Adrian Hawkins talks to his foster father, Horace Atwater Jr.
Caption: U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Credit: Jake Warga

HV104- Vet Vox (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

For Veterans Day: Vietnam, Korean, and World War Two vets, recorded by StoryCorps, along with a Marine Sergeant's recent "Don't Ask Don't Tell" discharge. And we hear plug ...
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StoryCorps Griot: Carl McNair (02:14)
From: StoryCorps

Carl McNair remembers his brother, Ronald McNair, who was one of the astronauts killed aboard the space shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986.
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StoryCorps: Laura and Rebecca Greenberg (02:52)
From: StoryCorps

Laura Greenberg tells her daughter, Rebecca, about growing up in Queens during the 1950s.