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Comment for "At the Children's World Water Forum, girls from Kenya and Nigeria shares her views"

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Review of At the Children's World Water Forum, girls from Kenya and Nigeria shares her views

This piece literally puts me to shame. Twelve year olds are shining light on important ideas, views and problems that people (especially myself) do not pay attention to. When I think of Africa I never thought about the problem of water and how it affects the future of the teenage girls that live there. I never thought about this problem until I heard this story. This piece contained a vivid picture of two powerful and educated twelve year olds and it gives an example of how much the youth can be independent in their own thinking. I always look for stories that I feel no one ever tells and I think this piece is one of them.

Comment for "In The Beginning - Reporting Iraq"

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Review of In The Beginning - Reporting Iraq

I appreciate having another piece to this confusing and huge puzzle about what actually is going on in I raq. I never had the oppurtunity of hearing or seeing a piece where the journalist was telling there experience while out on the field... I enjoyed it!

Comment for "Anorexia Blogs"

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Review of Anorexia Blogs

This piece scares me a lot. It bothers me that people have this type of problem. I wanted to note on your tone, it made me listen more intently because you were serious. It would have been nice if you allowed more sound such as the keyboard or you yourself trying out the page. But I think you did a good job of informing the listener about something they dont know.

Comment for "Home Planet:A Naked Thanksgiving by Cheryl-Anne Millsap"

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Review of Home Planet:A Naked Thanksgiving by Cheryl-Anne Millsap

I loved it, it was hilarious. I never heard from a parents perspective the nervous reaction that they get when there young child first asked them about sex!!! And for that you should be applauded for your honesty, but I never heard a piece without a bit of sound and I think that this put my imagination to work, and I liked that. I thought it was hilarious that in fact it wasnt what you thought it was and that made the whole piece tie in together!!! Good job!

Comment for "Teenaged Guitarists Tackle "El Gato Montes""

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Review of Teenaged Guitarists Tackle "El Gato Montes"

Your passion for this piece I could feel in your voice, you made me love a song I never knew about. I lost myself in your story as you explained the important experience that you had in the practice room and the bond you shared with your fellow performers made this short piece humorous but at the same time humbling. I enjoyed your love for the music you played.. keep it up!

Comment for "Let's Talk About Sex"

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Review of The Talk

I loved your piece. Up until this day I have still not had that conversation with my mother. My sister taught me and that is ok but I think that it does something when the person who actually made you had this conversation. And thats why I love your piece because you allowed me to share your conversation with your parents and I feel better because even though I never had it with my parents I had it with yours, and so I thank you for letting me sit down too!! I love your inteviewing skills when someone came off track you put them right into the spot where you started off. The only I would change is the sound of your interviews. Next time you do a piece make sure the mic is kind of on the side to avoid the pah sound and up close so I can hear them clearer, other than that great job and good topic.

Comment for "Santa's Barber"

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Review of Santa's Barber

Are you serious? I truly loved this story. I never thought that a place like this has even existed. You have now given me another fact that other people DONOT know. I was amazed at the fact that so many people go out there way to look like Santa. Your story sounded very oringinal and I liked that. I also liked the fact that you were able to interview the barber with the sound in the backround or was that perfect editing? Regardless it was a suprising piece.

Comment for "OLD AUDIO Radio Love" (deleted)

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Review of Radio Love (deleted)

This is a very different piece. Bravo to you, you have shown that radio pieces do not only have to be about news, but creativity as well. I admire the editing work and you really chose a great interview. He gave a lot of personality and life to your piece. Keep it up with what your doing, it was smooth and flowed like you just walked into the studio and recorded. You made me ask myself why do I love radio and it's because of listening to diverse stories like yours, closing my eyes seeing what I am hearing at the same time thinking about what radio does for me. T.V. can never beat that satisfaction of hearing a great story like yours. Keep up the good work.

Comment for "Hopeless in High School"

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Review of Hopeless in High School

I appreciate this piece so much. But I wanted to ask you a question, how did you feel after you wrote this piece? Was there any type of relief. Highschool can be very hard at times and for others all the time so I give you that respect for staying. I would have like to hear an interview on the guidance counselor, though. She was the one that instead of guiding you in the right direction she didnt, and there are so many students out there like you. I know I was one of them. The point of dropping out when you feel backed into a corner feels like the easiest way to go at times. I hope you finish. You have made a good piece that was personal. Your story is one of those stories where there could have been more interviewing. Good job and I hope you do well.

Comment for "What Does It Mean To Be American"

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Review of What Does It Mean To Be American

The quality of your piece is well done. Most of the interviews were done outside and yet I heard them very well. But at the end of your piece I still wanted to hear more interviews from different citizens and none citizens. What about the people who were born here, could it be different from those who werent. You piece was very good but it had so much progress for more information. I think it provokes emotion thru the listener to hit as many feelings that they could have about your piece. I look forward to hear a longer piece from you.

Comment for "Foot Facelift"

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Review of Foot Facelift

I am guilty of having this problem, and that's why I love this story. Listeners love to hear things that they can relate to, especially if its something that is so bad but hear it in a humorous radio story. I felt like the whole time you were talking about me! And thats why this story is good. You hit all the points and this is mind set will have women in trouble for centuries to come. I would have liked to hear the story lnger even though I'm sure you have a cut off time. But maybe an interview with a psychiatrist or another doctor stating where this "my feet being ugly" mentality comes from. But I look forward to hearing another story from you.

Comment for "Smart Credit Cards"

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Review of Smart Credit Cards

This piece was very informative. I like this idea of using finger prints in order to use a credit card, but many conspiracy theorist ( which sometimes I am) would say is this another form of the government keeping track of the citizens. And thats what I think your piece was lacking a form of opinion. When people say opinion in the journalism world it is used as such a bad term but if you ask someone (a person who is not reporting on the topic) it can give your piece personality. Another thing I was looking for was the interview of the man who does identity theft for a living. How he did it could have been very informative to those listening so that we can avoid the pitfalls of identity theft. Your interview sound was well done. When you were narrating I could here you clearly. I think that the part when you used a paper bag as your ambience you should have used something that the listener would be able to recognize. I didnt know what it was at first I thought something was wrong with my earphones. But I appreciated your story you have made me more paranoid than I already am (lol) and I look forward to your next piece.

Comment for "The Boys of West 9th"

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Review of The Boys of West 9th

Inspirational and thought provoking is what this piece really is. When interviewing the young boys I could actually visualize them in there everyday lives. But it was scary because these boys are my nephews age and it is ashame that there innocent victums of circumstance. How the interviewer did follow up questions was well done. It gave the interview more of a flow rather than a chopped up interview, you can tell that she was well prepared and had a sense of what questions might be asked other than the ones she had in front of her. And thats what I think makes a wondorful interview and a great reporter, your follow up questions. You ask questions the listener might be wondering and for that it made your piece very mature. The sound of the mic was on point as well. Even though you were outside I could here them perfectly. I look forward to knowing what men these boys will turn out to be.

Comment for "Katrina Photojournalist John McCusker"

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Review of Katrina Photojournalist John McCusker

This is a gorgeous piece. It's very hard to write a piece about a topic that every journalist in the world is going to write about and be authentic and unique. And I think that you have achieved that in this piece. I have not heard or read the side of a reporter before, and it gives me another view on how someone else might feel. But on the same token since your interview with the reporter was as important in telling your piece the recording of the interview should be done in a more quieter place. Radio especially radio journalism is only heard not seen, so what the listener is hearing is most important whether it be ambient sound or the interview. But if there is something that distracts the listener while listening the goal of your story might be lost, because they may have missed something that was said and if its being heard on the radio there is no rewind button. I really appreciated you piece, I especially liked the fact that you made the reporter more human by mentioning that he smoked half a pack of cigarettes. Peolple look at katrina victums as refugees which they are not but by you putting his smoking habits in the story that has othing to do with the topic, it lightens it. It made me realize that this person still has a personality that it could be me tomorrow, just by you mentioning something as small as cigarettes. So I commend you.

Comment for "Is It Just Me?"

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Review of Is It Just Me?

I liked this piece, is it just me. The only thing is that I wanted to here more. Yes there are a lot of stereotypes with those who skate for recreation as well as profession. I wanted to here since your not those things what are you? Who are you as a person. I thought that this piece was thought out but if there was any room for an extra interview of someone telling the audience what they do other than skating, I would have gotten a better understanding on a person that I have never spoken to, a culture that I dont know anything about. I think that your piece was very good but you have wet my apetite to know more about your culture. As far as the ambient sound, mixing and editing was done well. I hope you continue to do radio work.